Hoehn Trial Continues With Police Interviews From August 2017

The jury was shown two: one with Hoehn before Savanna Greywind's baby Haisley Jo was found and one after she was found

FARGO, N.D. — Wiliam Hoehn is on trial for conspiring to commit murder in the death of Savanna Greywind, but no one outside of law enforcement was able to talk to him in August of last year about what happened.

Each day the trial continues, we are able to start piecing together what happened from the moment Greywind went missing last August to the day her body was found in the Red River.

And the interview tapes between police and Hoehn are no exception.

In the first interview with Fargo Police, one day before Savanna’s baby is found and a week before her body is discovered.

Hoehn tells detectives he got home on the afternoon of August 19, 2017.

He says he walked into his apartment and saw his girlfriend Brooke Crews with a neighbor he claims he never met: 22–year–old Savanna Greywind.

“It was something to that effect. It was ‘Hi honey. This is Savanna,'” Hoehn said.

Hoehn proceeds to tell detectives from the Fargo Police Department the two were fitting a dress for Greywind but he doesn’t recall Crews having any sewing items out. He went to take a shower after being introduced.

While getting undressed in the bathroom, he claims he overheard Greywind’s father Joe knock on the door asking where his daughter was at and then he claims he heard Savanna run from the apartment.

Hoehn told police that Crews became angry every time Fargo officers searched the apartment.

While talking about his Crews, Hoehn never mentions having a child with her.

“Did he mention that he had a newborn baby at home,” the prosecution said.

“He did not mention that,” said Det. Joshua Loos, with the Fargo Police Department.

“But he did talk about kids, right,” the prosecution said.

“We did,” Loos said.

Hoehn has four children and Crews seven.

Throughout the first interview, officers confirm  Hoehn drives a red pickup truck.

After the interview, patrol officers told detectives they received a tip that Hoehn’s truck had been involved in a hit–and–run accident at Walmart on 13th Avenue in Fargo.

Police took a look at surveillance tapes, but it was the list of purchases Hoehn made that stuck out the most.

“It wasn’t a huge list but the item that stuck out immediately to us was a package of diapers,” Loos said.

The purchase was all it took for police to obtain a search warrant for Hoehn and Crews’ apartment.

On August 24, 2017 they executed the search warrant and found Crews with Greywind’s baby Haisley Jo.

Officers arrested Hoehn while working at a local roofing company.

They then interview Hoehn for a second time where he doesn’t tell them much.

“Is that Savanna’s baby? I don’t think so. Who’s baby is it? I couldn’t tell you for sure,” Hoehn said.

Hoehn tells officers he knows Crews can’t get pregnant because in January 2017, she told him her tubes were tied.

Officers then begin to ask where Greywind is to which Hoehn says, “If she was, you would have f****** found her by now.”

Hoehn eventually changes his story though, admitting Greywind never left his and Crews’ apartment.

He says when he got home from work that day, he saw nothing but red.

“There was blood all over the floor,” Hoehn said.

Hoehn pled guilty to kidnapping and for giving misinformation to officers earlier this month.

That was not the end of the interrogation footage.

Jurors will continue watching it Friday morning.


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