NDSU Dakota Marker Victory Holds Extra Meaning

NDSU reclaimed the 75-pound trophy from SDSU

FARGO, N.D. — When the final few seconds ticked off the game clock yesterday, it was the Bison racing to proudly lift the Dakota Marker.

NDSU reclaimed the 75-pound trophy that had resided in Brookings, South Dakota for the last two years.

The 21-17 win didn’t come easy for the Bison, though. In fact, SDSU led by three heading into the fourth quarter.

But that’s what makes the win even sweeter for the green and gold squad. The seniors especially know the Jackrabbits are tough to beat, so they don’t take that win for granted.

“Obviously I think the three of us and then the other seniors recognize that, in a couple years, senior classes didn’t get a chance to win and so it means a lot to have it back and I’m happy for the guys that we played with the past couple years too,” said quarterback Easton Stick.

“Yeah, this win, like any other win is great,” added teammate Dan Marlette. “Especially since I wasn’t able to play last year it means even more to me. Especially to play with the seniors like we have this year and obviously I grabbed the rock and I handled it a little bit.”

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