National School Lunch Week: Harwood Elementary Kids Tell Us Why They Love School Meals

Who knew that healthy can also taste delicious?

HARWOOD, N.D. — The West Fargo School System is honoring and celebrating National School Lunch Week.

Elementary School lunch is taking kids by surprise.

“When I first got here I was like, ‘ew this is disgusting’ because I wasn’t used to full healthy stuff but then now I’m like used to it and I actually like most of it and it’s pretty good,” said Andie Steward, a 5th grader at Harwood Elementary School.

Who knew that healthy can also taste delicious?

“Knowing that they get it, makes me feel good,” said Karen Amundson, the Head Cook.

Over the last decade, kids at Harwood Elementary have been given snacks and two nutritious meals a day…and some of it even tastes like dessert.

“Now they can have it for their breaks and that was really exciting for them to able to have it because it’s skim chocolate so it’s just as good for them,” Amundson said.

The head cook says Michelle Obama’s push for balanced meals gave them the opportunity to apply those ideas in Harwood.

“If they are eating right here, hopefully they will eat right at home,” Amundson said.

And now the nutritious mindset is rubbing off on the kids.

“If I had cold lunch I’d like, I wouldn’t bring as healthy stuff as I’d eat here,” said Matthew Schatzke, a 5th grader from Harwood Elementary.

“Here at school it’s like more in the community and everyone’s there and they’ll start picking up the habit eating healthier stuff so then everyone will be more healthy,” Andie said.

The prepared meals are the first step to a healthier lifestyle…

“They get something that’s warm, hot, balanced and we have the great salad bar,” Amundson said.

A place some young kids would be scared to go near!

“I’m hungry all the time so like even if I want like a little bit of snacks I could just go up to the salad bar and get like a fruit or vegetable,” said Stauskey Erovick, a 5th grader from Harwood Elementary.

“With fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, I’m surprised at how many kids actually take that and enjoy it and come back for more,” Amundson said.

National School Lunch Week isn’t just about eating; it’s also about starting a conversation.

“You get like a balanced meal and that like even at home sometimes you’re never that extremely healthy,” Andie said.

Although she has a passion for food, her favorite part of the day boils down to…

“I think it is seeing the kids. A lot of them will come in and say good morning to me in the kitchen. I get to know them, they get to know me personally and that means the world to me,” Amundson said.

Instead of stirring the pot, kids are encouraging others to use these foods for thought.

“When you actually try it it’s actually pretty good. You just have to try it,” Andie said.

The theme of this year’s National School Lunch Program is “lots 2 love” so parents and kids have a reason to discuss their favorite parts about school meals.

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