“Spooktacular” Party Brings Out All the Sweet, Chilling Stops for Halloween Lovers

More than 2,000 people walked through the doors of Veterans Memorial Arena


WEST FARGO, N.D. —¬†Every year, the West Fargo Park District puts on a spooktacular party for people who love Halloween and one day isn’t enough.

KVRR’s Danielle Church has more on all the sweet yet chilling elements of the celebration that keep thousands from the metro coming back again and again.

‘Twas just three days before All Hallows’ Eve.

With more than 2,000 critters dressed up as characters like Michael Myers and even some werewolves.

“Because werewolves are my favorite animals. They’re my favorite thing,” said Akira Arel.

Lucky for her, this is a place that welcomes you to wear your costume more than once a year.

“I like that you can dress up multiple times every Halloween,” said Nicolaus Steinet, who dressed up as a Fortnite character.

“As we all know, they’re not cheap. Parents spend a lot of money on the costumes and not to mention, the kids love getting dressed up. I know my children would wear a costume everyday if I let them,” said Katie Ettish with the West Fargo Park District.

Kids were on the lookout for the best candy around.

“Three musketeers,” said Joseph Ballesteros, who dresses up as T-Rex.

“Laffy Taffy’s,” Arel said.

“I forgot skittles. I love skittles,” said Gabe Keller, dressed as Mr. Incredible.

It just so happens so monsters found what all the goodies.

“We work with the West Fargo VFW and Auxiliary and they provide the cookies and the candy bags. They bagged over 900 bags of candy,” Ettish said.

“It’s a way to get free candy without paying for it and other people have to pay for it. So it’s like getting free food but not good for you food,” Steinet said.

When they’re done with the treats, it’s all about the thrills.

“Kids deserve to have something fun to do throughout the day. This is very safe, very fun, they love that haunted house,” said Tracy Keller, dressed as Mrs. Incredible.

Enter if you dare, just don’t get entangled in one of the spiders’ webs.

If you don’t adhere to the warning, some kind souls at least want to send a message that isn’t as eerie.

“Have a Happy Halloween,” Steinet said.

MSUM’s Community Outreach was also at the party to do a science project for everyone.

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