Supporters, Opponents of Measure 3 Gear Up for Election Day

If Measure 3 passes, North Dakota would be the tenth state to legalize recreational marijuana

FARGO, N.D. —¬†When Becky Muhs was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, doctors told her that without radiation she would die in a matter of months.

But she decided to go her own way to get healthy.

“Many people choose cannabis as their last resort, and have had great results, so why would I not choose something as my first source?” said Muhs.

After using cannabis to treat her cancer in Colorado, Becky and her husband thought they would be in the clear when medicinal marijuana was legalized in North Dakota two years ago.

“When we come back the next year or the year later, and it’s still not going, we happen to be one of the people that did get in trouble for it, and my husband just got out of prison, but I’m not dead,” said Muhs.

Trying to protect the thing that keeps her alive, Muhs started “Legalize North Dakota” to endorse legalizing recreational marijuana throughout the state.

She pushes her message across with a storefront in downtown Fargo, a major gathering spot for Measure 3 supporters.

Supporters of Measure 3, who call themselves the “Silent Majority”, gathered on street corners in Fargo and eight other cities across the state to try and get their message across.

Measure 3 opponents say if it passed, North Dakota would be the most liberal state for marijuana control in the country.

“The wording of the measure, being so wide open with no regulations, no revenue streams, no this, no that, you can smoke it anywhere, no longer illegal to drive while impaired, although proponents will argue with that, that’s the problem. It’s the measure,” said Norm Robinson of the North Dakotans against the Legalization of Marijuana.

But supporters say the measure will be beneficial in giving people a fresh start, including Muhs’s husband.

“This isn’t about just getting high and acting a fool, sadly enough there are those in every crowd, but that’s not what this is about. This is about expunging some records and getting some families back together,” said Josh Burley, a volunteer with Legalize North Dakota.

If Measure 3 passes, North Dakota would be the tenth state nationwide to legalize marijuana.

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