MSUM Begins Preparation for December 1st Mineral Water Bowl

The Dragons went 8-3 during the regular season

MOORHEAD, Minn. — MSU-Moorhead earned a Division II Bowl berth on Saturday┬áby taking down St. Cloud State.

The win gave the Dragons their first eight-win season since the George H. W. Bush administration.

Head coach Steve Laqua says the chance to play in a bowl game is great for all of the seniors who are extending their college careers by a game. But, it also is the next step in rebuilding the Dragon football program that has under-performed for the better part of the 21st century.

“I think for the seniors, not only to being able to continue in the program and the relationships with the players for another few weeks, but I think the real sense of restoring pride to this program,” Laqua said. “To get to this level, I think is another level of pride that has been restored, and I’ve heard that from a number of alumni, and as a senior that’s definitely a legacy you want to leave on the program.”

The Mineral Water Bowl is set for December 1 in Missouri.

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