Concordia Students Discuss America’s Future Post-Midterm Elections

they have the political cafes so they have a platform

MOORHEAD, Minn. —┬áConcordia students discuss America’s future now that the midterm elections are over.

That includes the divide between the House and the Senate, voter turnout and how it all specifically impacts North Dakota and Minnesota. In the past, students have held political cafes to discuss how people communicate across the political divide and to talk about Russian politics. They are meant to help students have a platform outside of the classroom where they can discuss real-world political issues.

“It touches their lives. It matters who sits in those seats. What just happened is going to set the stage for a lot of conflict of discussion and that’s going to end up putting us on a path deciding who’s going to control Congress and who’s going to sit in the White House two years from now so it’s important stuff,” said Michael Bath, Concordia political science professor.

Bath says Democrats and Republicans will both be able to benefit if they can come together and compromise on some key issues, especially given the divide in politics right now.

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