Danica Patrick Motivates Business Leaders at Chamber’s “Voices of Vision”

Patrick was the first female host of the event, which is in its ninth year

FARGO, N.D. — In her time behind the wheel, Danica Patrick became the first woman to win an Indy Car race and the first woman to have a lead in the Indy 500.

However, before she achieved her glory on the race track, Patrick had to believe in herself in order to make her dreams happen.

“I didn’t have a job. I was 19. I had a GED, and I’m like ‘I’m gonna be a race car driver’ but I believed it, and so that’s the difference. If you truly want to take something and make it your reality, you have to believe it. You can’t just say it, you can’t just think it,” said Patrick.

After wrapping up her career as a full–time driver, Patrick jumped feet first into starting her own clothing line and opening up a winery.

“You gotta stop and really identify what your true passions are for life and what you would do with any given day if it was all to yourself, and what your true interests are and what you truly stand for,” said Patrick.

Patrick became the first female speaker for the Chamber’s “Voices of Visions” series, bringing a different perspective that the Chamber wanted to put on display.

“She’s made her mark in predominantly a male’s world in terms of racing, and so that has very much put her on the map. She’s now retired and is now going into a phase where I expect her to get more involved,” said Craig Whitney, the President and CEO of the Chamber.

By hearing about her entrepreneurial ventures after her racing career ended, many in the business community were inspired by what she had to say.

“It’s really great to hear about where she started and where she got after all the things she’s done. How she kind of fought through some adversity only having a GED and becoming so successful,” said Kayla Koehmpstedt, a Marketing Coordinator for Eide Bailly.

“So it was really great to hear her and the lessons she’s learned and the things she’s taken away from her racing career, how she’s applied it in her business ventures going forward, and how we can take those same lessons and apply them in our day–to–day business as well,” said Dan McIntosh, an Accountant for Eide Bailly.

Patrick joins notable athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, Joe Theissman, and Terry Bradshaw as speakers for the Chamber’s annual “Voices of Vision event.”

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