Hope Inc. Gives Athletes with Disabilities a Chance to Thrive Athletically

The group had their fourth winter indoor track meet at Concordia College

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Once Morgan Oberg, 4, lines up against her opponents, her speed looms over the competition.

“She always has a big smile on her face, and talks about it for weeks later, and talks about her medals she has hanging up in her room, and it’s instilling that competition in her, and the fire,” said Kasey Oberg, Morgan’s mother.

Morgan was born with spina bifida, a condition where the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly.

Her parents first brought her to Hope Inc. two years ago, and since then, she has thrived both in track and roller soccer.

“She’s our youngest granddaughter so we’re loving it. It’s just fun watching her, and she knows so many of these other kids now so she just loves doing it,” Charles Murphy, Morgan’s grandfather, said.

This is the fourth time Hope Inc. has hosted an indoor track meet, giving kids of all abilities various chances to come home with a medal.

“When you’re a child with a disability, often times you’re left out, sitting and watching the world go by. With our activities, they’re able to actively participate, and feel what it’s like to be part of a team, to win and lose, to make friends, all kinds of great things,” said Adair Grommesh, the Executive Director of Hope Inc.

As Morgan continues to pile up the medals, her mom says she loves what Hope Inc has done for her family.

“I did not expect to be here four years ago and that’s one of the amazing things about Hope is that we are here and all of these kids are here, and they are offering that opportunity,” Oberg said.

In addition to their annual track meets in the winter and summer, Hope Inc. also recently started a track club for kids to practice for the races.

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