Sanford Stresses Importance of Blood Transfusion Process for its Patients

Each month, Sanford uses 900 blood donation products for 300 patients

FARGO, N.D. – When donating blood, you can feel good knowing you are impacting not just one, but three different lives.

“We had a request for about 11,000 blood products over the last 12 months, Fargo Sanford Medical Center clinic lab manager Alice Hawley said. “So, that means we need about 900 blood products every month.”

Even with 900 blood products per month, Sanford is always looking for more blood donors to help their patients.

“The transfusion process actually starts with the donor,” Sanford Medical Center lab manager transfusion DeLilah Rosecrans said. “When the donor goes to Vitalant and donates blood products and everything then we’re going to end up with blood products for our community.”

From trauma situations to surgery, doctors need blood on–hand to be prepared in any given situation.

This means having enough red blood cells, plasma, and platelets available for patients.

“Doctors are always saying, I might need something for this process, I might need something for this procedure,” Hawley said. “I want it to be available so that you have enough time to test my recipient who’s going to get that product and test the donor units and make sure that they’re compatible.”

Sanford ensures safe products through safe–testing, recipient compatibility, and by storing the products at proper temperatures.

Red blood cells need to be kept in the refrigerator between one and six degrees Celsius.

They only last about 42 days in the refrigerator which is why blood donations are needed constantly.

The actual process of donating one unit of blood only takes between five and eight minutes.

“You don’t have to spend any money to give a gift of life,” Rosecrans said. “Blood banks actually save lives for patients because if we don’t have the product here we aren’t going to be able to give it to that patient who needs it urgently.”

Donating blood is made simple by signing up online.

Our Holiday Blood Drive with Vitalant runs through December 31st.

Call 877–25–VITAL to set up an appointment.

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