F-M Dancers Teach The Argentine Tango

the group has been doing it for about a year now


FARGO, N.D. — If your New Year’s resolution is just about trying something new, you could work on your fancy footwork.

F-M area dancers have been getting together every Sunday from noon-2 p.m. for a year now to learn the Argentine Tango. The class is $5 and open to anyone who would like to learn the dance. Instructor Daniel Ramig says the tango is a lot more freestyle than many other dances, which makes it more fun to teach.

“There’s a lot of different puzzle pieces in a way. Each move you can do in many different ways and different times so you can kind of put the puzzle pieces together how you want. It’s really fun to kind of make your own puzzle in a way,” said Daniel Ramig, tango instructor.

Ramig says dancing is an art that not only allows people to express themselves, but it also can help them create some long-lasting connections with other dancers.

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