Bison Football Fans Hit Frisco

Bison Fans Treat Frisco Like Second Home

FRISCO, TX —┬áSince NDSU’s impressive dynasty began nearly a decade ago, Bison fans have considered Frisco, Texas a second home. Many of them come days in advance to experience the city and prepare for the game the only way they know how, to party.

Local bars are filled with green and gold appereal. “Go Bison” chants roam the air, it’s the four or five or seven days a year the herd fans can escape the Fargo winter and come to a usually warm, welcoming oasis. An oasis where the locals love the company and show their support as well.

For some, it takes a year of planning.

“We usually start planning early spring mid-summer as far as flights go. We always fly and never drove,” Bison fan Becky Herbert said. “You kind of got to get a jump on it to get here when you want to be.”

While the superstitious type wait until the last minute to make their plans to head south.

“I’m a little superstitious, I wanted to see them win before I booked anything,” Bison fan Todd Dovorek said. “We did it right after NDSU won.”

One fan in particular decided to make her home in Frisco permanently.

“I came down here a handful full of years for the football game and just full in love with the acceptance and openness of the community out here,” Bison fan Sue Mickelson said.

As far as the planning goes for what to do once fans get down there, well there really is no plan, Bison nation just wants to be in Frisco.

“Not a lot of planning, we honestly just wing it,” Bison fan Greg Havard said. “We just go with it.”

“We come down on Wednesday every year because we don’t want to miss anything,” Herbert said. “We’ve actually encountered some troubles getting here so we’ve always decided to at least come on a Wednesday to always make sure we get here. It’s always a lot of fun.”

“It’s great because you can come down here and it’s a little bit like home in your heart,” Mickelson said. “They accept you and know who you are. They get just as excited about this game as I do.

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