South Dakota Native Creates Viral “Fargo Travel Guide”

Taylor Calmus started his YouTube channel "Dude Dad" in 2016

FARGO, N.D. — A South Dakota man puts together a tourist’s guide to Fargo.

KVRR’s Danielle Church shows us why his video is now going viral.

Taylor Calmus moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago to pursue a career in acting.

But it wasn’t until he became a father that his true calling was also born.

“I started ‘Dude Dad‘ as a way to stay creative while also being a good father and I’ve been doing that for about three years now,” Calmus said.

Calmus has shared all the ups and downs that comes with fatherhood through his vlogs on YouTube.

But in his most recent video, he’s putting the spotlight on some of Fargo’s favorites, including Fargo–Moorhead Visitor’s Center’s famous wood chipper, after hearing the same question over and over whenever he’d tell people he was going to visit his in–laws in Fargo.

“Whenever we’re traveling to Fargo, especially in the dead of winter, everyone here is always like Fargo? Why are you going to Fargo,” Calmus said.

So for all those who have never been up north, Calmus decided to show them what it’s all about, while adding a little humor for the natives who live through Fargo snowstorms and feel the frigid cold that is a –35 degree wind chill.

“Thunder Road Amusement Park, but it’s closed. Red River Zoo where you can see lots of animals but it’s closed. Newman Outdoor Field, also closed,” Calmus said in the video.

“A lot of people who moved from the area or from the Midwest and have since moved out, when they watch the video, it sort of takes them back and they remember what it was like even though they might not have liked the bitter cold, there’s still a part of them that attaches to it like ‘oh yeah, that’s me,'” Calmus said. “And I think that’s really cool because you’re giving them that experience to step back into that world and that part of them that still exists.”

Reminding people of their roots and what it really means to be from the Midwest.

“We didn’t stage that, that absolutely just happened. I was like let’s just keep the camera rolling because I was like, I’m going to go try to push this guy out because that’s what everybody does and as I’m trying to push him out, another car stops with shovels and a tow rope and I was like, yeah, this is everything I remember about the Midwest,” Calmus said.

Because no matter how cold it gets, there will always be a community to help you get through it.

Calmus says he’s thinking about making an even bigger and better Fargo travel guide if his video gets over a million views.

He says the number one request he’s getting is to include a bit on hot dish.

To watch Calmus’ video, click here.

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