Seventh Grader Wins Geographic Bee at Park Christian School

Both Minnesota and North Dakota's state geography bees will be held on March 29th

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Students at Park Christian School are showing off their academic skills at a Geographic Bee.

But the competition isn’t really over just yet for the winner.

One by one students emptied the seats in Park Christian’s gym to find out who would take home first place in this year’s geographic bee.

“We try to do a lot of things that emphasize the fine arts like the spelling bee, the geography bee, to give kids the chance to do more than just in the athletic arena, on the field or on the court. So this is an opportunity to flex that mental muscle,” said Jeremy Nelson, a Park Christian social studies teacher.

After flexing it over and over during a fierce competition, it’s fourth grader Izac Raisl who gets runner–up honors and seventh grader Joshua Messelt earns the first place title plus the bragging rights.

“Actually I didn’t prepare that much but just paid attention in class. It really helps to prepare you for a bee like this,” Messelt said.

Messelt will now take an online test, which will determine if he qualifies for the State Geographic Bee.

If he wins the state competition, he could then compete at the National Geographic Bee in Washington, D.C.

Park Christian has been holding their own Geography Bee for more than ten years. And although only a few students get to take home a medal every year, Park Christian staff says it’s every student who gains a different view.

“An understanding of the big world that’s out there. Every area has unique things that make it special and the world is just a big piece to discover. For the kids just to get a vision of the world out there, it’s well worth an afternoon,” said Michael Levang, Park Christian principal.

Both Minnesota and North Dakota’s state geography bees will be held on March 29th.

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