Former Sheriff Bergquist Honored as Hometown Hero by American Heroes Outdoors & Scheels

The Retired Clay County Sheriff Received the honor for his 38 years of service

Fargo, N.D. – Bill Bergquist has been a a local hero in the Moorhead community since joining the police force back in 1988. On Tuesday, he was recognized appropriately by American Heroes Outdoors and Scheels as part of their Hometown Heroes special.

“Within each episode of American Heroes Outdoors, we have a segment called hometown heroes,” said producer Wesley Gall. “And that is where somebody can nominate somebody they feel is a hero, and then in conjunction with Scheels, we put together a segment and get roots in the ground into that community and interview different people from the community, interview the person that was nominated and find out who they were, what they were, and we share that story as well. Bill was from the area, he grew up here, he is from here. Talking with the different folks that knew him, obviously he has a huge heart for this whole community.”

These monthly episodes  are aimed at recognizing those military and law enforcement members whose service and sacrifice have made an impact in their communities, something that means so much to those who work on these projects.

“I think it is extremely important,” Gall said. “Especially for those who haven’t served to show your gratification, to show your appreciation for the freedoms that we have so I think it is one of the littlest things that we can do to actually give back.”

When Bergquist was nominated for this honor, it was easy to see he fit the bill after his 38 year career, 16 of which was spent as the Clay County Sheriff.

“Being able to sit down and talk to somebody- forty years of law enforcement – to see what they’ve gone through,” Gall said. “I am fortunate to be able to sit down with them one on one and ask them questions about their service and you see the highs, but you also see the lows. It really does take a whole community to help someone that is in that hero position, but then vice versa, it’s that hero that is helping that community. Overall, bill is a very deserving guy of it, he has definitely given his whole heart and soul to the community and he is definitely a hero in my book.”

American Heroes Outdoors airs Sunday mornings at 8:30 on Fox Sports North and Friday and Sunday nights on Midco Sports Network. Click here for more information.

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