LIVE: New Food Safety Program

Food recalls are up ten percent. Here's a new way you can help protect yourself from food-borne illness.

From romaine lettuce, to ground beef, to organic chicken nuggets, the news has been full of food recalls lately.

Food safety experts say the rate of recalls is up ten percent over where it was this time last year.

And with the partial government shutdown cutting back on the number of workers who can come in to do inspections, that number might not get better anytime soon.

But now, NDSU food safety experts are taking action.

They’re offering a new Master of Public Health specialization at the university, and they’re taking applications for the fall semester.

Dr. Abby Gold from NDSU’s Public Health Department joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about protecting your family from food-borne illness in the way you choose food at the store, the way you load your cart and your refrigerator, and why the way you cook can have a lot to do with your food safety at home.


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