NDSU Marksmanship Club Takes On Ohio State at Sectional Match

NDSU has had a shooting team since the 1920's


FARGO, N.D. — NDSU’s Marksmanship Club goes up against Ohio State’s Pistol team at the sectional match here in Fargo.

Collegiate pistol shooting follows international, Olympic style shooting. NDSU’s team consists of men and women who competed against Ohio State in free, standard, sport and air pistol events. While the sport teaches students the importance of concentration, the teams also has the skills that have helped them compete against major schools like MIT, Purdue and Texas A&M.

“It feels pretty good that I can do something for my school, can put our school on the map, especially in shooting. It’s not a really well known sport but it’s cool that NDSU is a part of that,” said Seth Perkins.

“It’s a team that shouldn’t be overlooked. A team with heart can outdo a team with talent any day so I think that’s something to always remember,” said Krista Dvorak.

NDSU has had a shooting team since the late 1920s. Since then students have been to national tournaments and even traveled as far as Germany, Czech Republic and Russia.

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