Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Home and Save Thousands in the Snow

Father and son, CEO and vice president, Mark and Tanner, are working together to unplug vents, rake roofs, and clear ice dams

MOORHEAD, Minn. — After years of cleaning roof vents, snow and ice dams, those with North Country Weatherization Technologies say this winter is one of the worst.

Hear why taking the right steps could protect your home and save you thousands in the future.

It may not be clear where that strange smell or weird sound could be coming from.

But if you look a bit closer, you’ll notice how things not working inside your home, are because of issues on the outside.

“You’re going to hear gurgling in your toilets, slow drainage of your sinks, and so forth or you get a smell in your house that’s going to be your vents being plugged,” said Mark Nelson, the CEO.

Father and son, CEO and vice president, Mark and Tanner, are working together to unplug vents, rake roofs, and clear ice dams.

“It can cause thousands and thousands of damage. You just have to be proactive about the situation, do these little things that help you in the long run,” said Tanner Nelson, the Vice President.

Letting ice dams turn into six or eight inches of thick ice can create worse problems in the future.

“It’ll run in your walls and into your ceilings. Sometimes you don’t see it the first couple of years but then that’s where black mold comes from so again that’s dangerous,” Mark said.

Along with a buildup of carbon dioxide, these are the possible consequences.

Luckily, you can take some steps of prevention during the summer, when your mind is properly on anything but snow.

“If you can make sure your attics are vented properly and all of your vent pipes are insulated that’s going to really help,” Mark said.

But when things get rough just a few months later, North Country Weatherization Technologies is ready to trek through winter weather.

“We just love helping people to tell you the truth and we’ve been here our whole lives so it’s nothing to us it’s just how you dress you just got to dress appropriately and stay warm out there,” Tanner said.

“It does feel good to help people we start out with a roof and pretty soon we’re fixing a window or helping fix a fence or something,” Mark said.

Mark says one of the biggest misconceptions is people wanting more insulation in their attics, which can be more harmful than helpful.

He says many people don’t realize your attic should be the same temperature as outside.

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