Study: Sex Gives Life More Meaning

According to study, having sex makes you feel like your life is more meaningful


Want to feel like your life has more meaning?
Well science suggests all you may need to do is roll in the hay.
That’s right, according to a new study in the journal “Emotion”, having sex makes you feel like your life is more meaningful.
The study examined over one-hundred college students.
It tracked their intimacy patterns and overall mood and sense of purpose.
Researchers found the ones who had sex were reporting greater feelings of quote: “life-satisfaction.”
Other previous studies show having sex lowers blood pressure, reduces the risks of heart attacks, and eases stress.
It’s something of interest to researchers as reports show more millennials are having less sex because of technology.
A Cambridge statistician says the rate of couples having sex today has dropped by 40 percent in under 20 years.

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