Renegotiation Results In $300 Million Boost In Flood Protection For Red River Valley

Senator John Hoeven says the federal funding is essential to move Plan B forward

WASHINGTON, D.C. —┬áRed River Valley flood protection just got an additional $300 million boost in federal money after the Assistant Secretary of the Army approved a renegotiation.

“What this means now is that instead of funding $450 million for permanent flood protection, the Corp of Engineers will now fund $750 million for permanent flood protection in the Red River Valley,” said North Dakota Republican Sen. John Hoeven.

The increased federal support will provide certainty to the North Dakota legislature as it considers state funding for the project.

Senator Hoeven says the federal funding is essential to move Plan B forward.

The Diversion Board of Authority released a statement thanking the senator “and our whole federal delegation for their tireless work to ensure that flood protection for our region remains a top priority in Washington”.

The FM Flood Diversion Project is moving forward after its permit was approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in December 2018.

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