Plan B

FM Diversion Gets $750 Million in Federal Funding, Injunction Lift Pending

The next step is for a Minnesota judge to lift a temporary injunction that was put on the project

FARGO, N.D. — State and local leaders sign a partnership securing 750 million dollars for the F–M Diversion. The goal of the agreement is to get the project done in six to eight years. “It’s not if we’re going to flood. We are going to flood. Let’s get that permanent protection in place to protect lives and property and over time…

Renegotiation Results In $300 Million Boost In Flood Protection For Red River Valley

Senator John Hoeven says the federal funding is essential to move Plan B forward

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Red River Valley flood protection just got an additional $300 million boost in federal money after the Assistant Secretary of the Army approved a renegotiation. “What this means now is that instead of funding $450 million for permanent flood protection, the Corp of Engineers will now fund $750 million for permanent flood protection in the Red River Valley,”…

Senator Hoeven Asks for $35 Million of Federal Funds to Support Diversion

The funds will go towards flood protection of Fargo as well as diversion design and engineering plans

FARGO, N.D. — While the Metro Flood Diversion Authority awaits a decision from the Minnesota DNR on the new diversion plan, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Senator John Hoeven stress the need for flood protection across the valley. “This is a huge project, you’re talking more than $2 billion, but really important because this is a dynamic, growing region and…