Fargo Film Festival: Rosewood Ledge

A lake house, a model, a photographer, and a Coen brothers veteran.

It’s one of the latest offerings of the independent film scene, and it’s here in Fargo — along with its director and stars.

Rosewood Ledge is the story of a model and her photographer boyfriend who visit a lake house for a photoshoot and encounter a strange request from the homeowner who lives there.

It stars Kristin Rudrud, who you’ll likely remember from one of her highest-profile performances as Jean Lundegaard in the Coen brother’s Fargo.

Those aren’t the film’s only Fargo connections, though.

The production was funded through an online Indiegogo campaign with help from members of the Fargo community.

And it’s that community with whom that actor Maritsa Veer and filmmaker Trey Chapman are here to connect.

Veer and Chapman sat down in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about making the movie, how the Fargo film festival stacks up to Cannes and Sundance, why they love the Fargo arts community, and how you know you’ve gotten just the right take.


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