Flood Fight 2019: Moorhead Mayor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Flooding Season

the city will also put together 150,000 sandbags

MOORHEAD, Minn. — On Monday, Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney issued a state of emergency because of expected flooding.

Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd is now doing the same.

Judd says the flood fight coming in just a few weeks is nothing the city can’t handle.

“The bottom line is this: Moorhead is prepared for this flood flight. I’m surrounded by the command team who will guide our community through this event,” he said.

Aside from the team leading the way, says Moorhead is ready because of the flood mitigation changes that were made.

More than 260 flood prone homes have been removed, more than 12 miles of floodwalls and levees have been built and nearly 80 storm sewer gates have been installed.

But some flood mitigation efforts haven’t been completed yet in some areas.

“Oakport is our neighborhood now and we want residents to know our staff will work to support your neighborhood,” Judd said.

“At a 41–foot flood stage the estimate for temporary, clay levees throughout the city is about 1.6 miles compared to 2009 which was nine miles,” said Bob Zimmerman, Moorhead city engineer.

That means instead of two–and–a–half million sandbags, Moorhead will only need 150,000. High school and college students have already volunteered their time to start helping next week which will then be distributed to areas like the Oakport neighborhood. Judd says he has no doubt everyone in the city will come help their neighbors ahead of the flood season.

“We are extremely fortunate that our city has so many people willing to help each other. This speaks volumes to how close knit of a community that we are, especially in times of adversity,” Judd said.

Moorhead will release more information on Monday on where and how long the city will be sandbagging in addition to how many volunteers are needed.

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