North Dakota National Guard Delivers Sandbags in Rural Cass County

They've delivered about a hundred pallets of sandbags since Sunday morning

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — As rivers rise around Cass County and the water seeps over roads and pools into fields, more requests have been coming in for sandbags.

The North Dakota National Guard has a mission to get sandbags to those who need them.

Sandbags are loaded up from the Cass County Highway Department in West Fargo before being taken out to rural areas.

“It’s dropping off the sandbags, placing them for people, just doing whatever the mission dictates. We’re used to adjusting plans on the fly, and coming up with the best solution to get the mission completed as quickly and safely,” Sgt. Josh Trulson said.

Sgt. Trulson says they’ve delivered close to a hundred pallets of sandbags since Sunday morning. The mission covers a 30-mile radius of Harwood.

Some people decided to get sandbags delivered as a precaution. The National Guard will continue to deliver as the requests come in.

The National Guard also says they’re watching the coming storm closely and will plan accordingly depending on how it affects water levels.

“Hopefully the water stays down and we don’t have to worry about it too much longer, but we’ll be on call as long as the job’s needed,” Trulson said.

The Sheriff’s Office is escorting guard members across the county.

“Law enforcement has been fantastic to work with, they’ve been instrumental in getting our missions completed in a timely and safe manner,” Trulson said.

The ultimate mission is to make sure everyone in Cass County is protected.

“This is why we join the military. It’s all about helping out the community in whatever way possible whether you’re overseas or here in your hometown,” Trulson said.

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