LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Surly

Save your pet from potential suffering by spaying and neutering.

Surly is kind of the cautionary tale of cats whose owners choose not to spay and neuter their pets.

The sweet-natured calico came in to Homeward Animal Shelter with a swollen abdomen, which made rescue workers assume she was pregnant.

Further examination showed it wasn’t kittens causing the swelling.

It was a massive infection of Surly’s uterus, called a pyometra, said Homeward’s Heather Klefstad.

The condition can occur when an intact cat goes into heat and doesn’t get fertilized, Klefstad said.

The hormonal imbalance can cause infections, which can then go on to kill the animal if it’s not treated.

With the clock ticking, vets went in and removed the infected uterus — saving Surly’s life and helping to ensure that as a spayed cat, she’ll go on to live a long and healthy one.

Now fully recovered, Surly came in to visit live in studio with Klefstad and the Morning Show’s Emily Welker.

Her name’s pretty ironic — instead of being Surly, she’s one of the sweetest-natured and most affectionate cats who’s ever appeared on the Morning Show.

She gets along well with other cats and with children as well as with adults, and she’s got beautiful tri-colored markings.

If you already have a pet, please spay and neuter them — for their sake and yours.

And if you don’t, check out sweet Surly’s profile, here.

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