Pet Connection: Meet Topaz

A jewel of a cat, who's been polished by her rough experiences.

Topaz is a cat who, like many gems, has been under a lot of pressure in her life.

She first came in to the care of her foster family at  Adopt-A-Pet F-M with her three small kittens, all eight weeks old.

She and her tiny family had been living homeless on the streets of the Turtle Mountain Reservation, and the strain of producing and caring for the kittens had left Topaz skinny and drained of much of her physical resources.

The two- to three-year-old cat has bounced back since then in the care of rescue worker Debra Bartelt, and she’s ready to go to her forever home.

Topaz has a sweet personality and cuddled up to the Morning Show’s Emily Welker when she visited the show in studio with Bartelt for Pet Connection this week.

She loves playing with the single remaining kitten who’s yet to be adopted, and she’s bonded with the dog in her foster home too.

She’s shy  initially, possibly, Bartelt believes, because she’s had some experiences in the past being chased by dogs or other acts of aggression during her life on the streets.

However, she loves to snuggle with Bartelt, and so there’s a good chance she’ll enjoy making friends with you too.

She’s also done very well with visiting children.

You’ll notice her eyes are two different colors, and it appears one of them has slight vision loss which affects her near vision, but not her ability to get around and play.

If you’re looking for a jewel who’s been polished her life’s experiences, check out her profile, here.


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