30th Annual Easter “Eggstravaganza” at Yunker Farm Draws Over A Thousand Kids

Gathering eggs was the biggest highlight

FARGO, N.D. — They call it the eggs–strodionary Easter Eggstravaganza, and it’s been at Yunker Farm for three decades now.

Kids and adults alike at Yunker Farm were feeling the Easter spirit.

Last Easter, kids were digging through snow to find eggs. Luckily this year, the weather was just right… maybe a little too nice for the Easter bunny.

“It is really warm right now. I’m sweating,” Andy Henderson, who made his debut as the bunny, said. “It’s really great, they come up, they’re smiling, they want to give you five, they want to see the costume, they want to go pick up the eggs.”

Gathering all those eggs was certainly the biggest highlight.

“We want everybody to have a really fun time. Most of all we want adults to have fun with their children while they’re here,” Yvette Nasset, executive director of the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm, said.

Over a thousand kids were at the Eggstravaganza, and it’s also a bonding experience across generations.

One woman involved with launching the Children’s Museum itself brought her young grandchildren for the first time.

“It’s just fun to see the families out here, of course it’s a perfect day, so it couldn’t be any better, the kids are just having such a good time,” Patty Anderson said.

There was plenty to captivate the kids, even though some little ones got a little confused.

“It was really complicated for [my son] to understand that they’re empty. You got to go trade them in for something. He didn’t pick up very many. I kept telling him pick them up but he’s like, ‘they’re all empty!'”

But don’t worry, he got his treats.


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