The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm Hosts Its Annual Crazy Hair Day

For the museum, it's important to do activities for kids and families where everyone can participate.

FARGO, N.D.- Once a year, the museum brings out all kinds of crazy hair colors, gels, and pipe cleaners for kids to wear on their hair. The hairstyles that they see the most are ponytails with rainbow colors and pipe cleaners curled on the hair. They also say green and purple are the most popular colors. “You can just come…

30th Annual Easter “Eggstravaganza” at Yunker Farm Draws Over A Thousand Kids

Gathering eggs was the biggest highlight

FARGO, N.D. — They call it the eggs–strodionary Easter Eggstravaganza, and it’s been at Yunker Farm for three decades now. Kids and adults alike at Yunker Farm were feeling the Easter spirit. Last Easter, kids were digging through snow to find eggs. Luckily this year, the weather was just right… maybe a little too nice for the Easter bunny. “It is…

Yunker Farm Hosts Annual Independence Day Kid’s Celebration

Staff members say Yunker Farm is over 130-years-old

FARGO, ND — With train rides, puppets and paint, families got a kid friendly celebration at the farm. Yunker Farm hosted its annual kid’s celebration throughout the day. Many families showed up to create art, milk their water cow and bide their time before tonight’s fireworks shows. They learned some history about Independence Day and about the Yunker Farm building. Staff…