Step Aside Easter Bunny: All Animals Celebrate at Red River Zoo

Animals and kids got treats for the holiday


FARGO, N.D. — This Easter, the bunny can step aside.

“They have polar bears, ostriches, armadillos and monkeys,” said 7-year-old Daxton Buckle.

“A turtle. I like the otters and the wolves,” said 8-years-old Elena and 7-year-old Eli Medina.

“I think I like the cats. I like that some of them are soft,” said 5-year-old Madeline Anglin.

It’s all about the cold–weather species that live in Fargo’s Red River Zoo.

“People really love to come out and spend time with their families on holidays, especially Easter because it’s one of the first few nice days of the spring,” said Sally Jacobson, executive director of the zoo. “So we’re celebrating by all of our animals are getting presents from the Easter bunny. The zookeepers have put out special presents for each of the animals so we’re doing those live for people.”

Kids are also on the hunt for their own Easter eggs throughout the exhibits.

“We only need like three more eggs on this one. There’s 20 so 17,” Elena said.

All of them hoping to find that special sweet treat at the end.

“M&M’s. Yeah, M&M’s,” Elena said.

The Easter Egg Hunt at the Red River Zoo is a first for some families.

“Usually we just spend it with family but we always end up taking a trip to the cities and do a zoo trip every year with the kids. But this year we decided to do this instead and so the egg hunt,” said Buckle’a mom Alisha.

But it seems even warmer, spring weather is a first for everyone this year.

“No more cold weather that’s behind us now and I gotta tell you, it is so wonderful to see people in the zoo. That’s what the staff is mostly excited about. Being able to walk outside and interact with our guests again. It’s just so refreshing to see people out,” Jacobson said.

“It is very nice. It is awesome,” Alisha said.

So whether you thank the Easter bunny or the meteorologist for some heat this Sunday, it’s the kids who are paying it forward with a little kindness.

“Happy Easter,” Buckle said.

“Happy Easter,” the Medina’s said.

“Happy Easter everyone,” Anglin said.

Instead of more candy for the kids, they won gift cards to the zoo and prizes from the gift shop.

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