Bus, Firetruck Among Vehicles Available At Fargo City Auction

150+ Vehicles To Be Auctioned Off This Weekend


FARGO, N.D. – Have you ever wanted to live out the fantasy of being a firefighter without needing to pass the grueling physical and mental exams to actually join the fire department?

This could be your lucky day.

The City of Fargo’s annual spring auction is this Saturday.

There’s a bevy of beat-up looking vehicles that could be yours if you’re the highest bidder.

Auctioneers will sell off more than 150 impounded vehicles along with city-owned equipment, bikes and other random stuff.

(All photos courtesy of McLaughlin Auctions)

Not all of the items are winners.
Take this old truck  for example.
It’s a fixer-upper, to put it charitably.
I mean, normally you need wheels and a front grill to drive the thing.

But if you’re looking to live out that firefighter fantasy check this out.
You can bid on an old fire truck.
How many chances do you have to buy a fire truck?
No word on if the sirens work, but whoever buys is will probably test that out.
Fire helmet sold separately, presumably.

If your fantasies involve hauling around two dozen of your closest friends, this could be for you.
You can buy a bus!
It’s even got the little bike racks up front.
Imagine turning this into a green and gold Bison tailgating machine.
One lucky person will have the chance.
The Fargo impound lot opens at 7 a.m. on Saturday. The auction starts at 9 a.m..

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