Periwinkle Marketplace in Ottertail Reopens After Fire Last Year

The store sells everything from clothes to decor to houseware

OTTERTAIL, Minn. — Last February, a major fire broke out that left nothing of Periwinkle Marketplace.

The owner’s husband, Jason Dykhoff, says his son was doing some work on his pickup when a flame started. Before long, the whole market was up in flames. Ottertail Liquors, which is next to the market, was spared. Multiple fire departments had to help fight the fire.

The family says the experience was terrifying.

“Pretty tragic that night when it happened. I thought at that time when the fire had happened, [my son] was nowhere to be found, I tried to yell out his name and I couldn’t get a response at that time, and I thought he had died in the fire,” Dykhoff said.

Luckily, his son escaped unharmed and no one else was hurt.

One year later, a brand new market is in place of the debris, and Periwinkle is back open for business.

It may have been a dreary day in Lakes Country, but that didn’t stop people from coming in and shopping.

“People love to shop on rainy days,” Stephanie Dykhoff, the owner, said.

“The parking lot’s full, it’s exciting to see that,” Jason said.

“I’m already going to buy a T–shirt that tells everybody ‘lake life,'” shopper Mary Jo Miller said.

Periwinkle revolves around life at the lake; it sells clothes, décor, and houseware that show off Minnesota pride.

The market is a staple in Ottertail, and many customers were regulars at the old one.

“I was sad right away. Just a fun store, to lose it was sad, especially in the little town of Ottertail, it’s so fun for lake life,” Miller said.

The Dykhoffs say it took a lot of work to get the store up to this point.

“You learn a lot about insurance when you go through a fire, it’s a process dealing with that, working with a contractor, working with an architect, everything goes as fast as it can go,” Stephanie said.

“Everybody’s that coming out of hibernation is actually getting to see what the new Periwinkle looks like, and they’re just overwhelmed how nice and how beautiful it looks,” Jason said.

“It’s fun, it’s up-to-date more, I liked the other one a lot and I think we’ll enjoy this,” shopper Carol Christianson said.

“There’s so much merchandise here I can’t even tell you how much is in here,” Jason said.

“Just come and have fun. We try to provide really good customer service. Ottertail, Lakes Country, that’s where memories are made,” Stephanie said.

While the old Periwinkle building was destroyed, a new one is providing a fresh start while also continuing to be an Ottertail icon.

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