Ten-Thousand Runners Take on 15th Annual Fargo Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k

Almost 10,000 people filled the Fargo dome for race day even though it was pouring rain outside


FARGO, N.D.– Runners taking part in the 15th annual Fargo Marathon got a little wet today, but that didn’t mean the race was over for them.

Almost 10,000 people filled the Fargo dome for race day, even though it was pouring rain outside.

Some participants dressed for the rain by wearing raincoats and hats, and for others it looked like the weather wasn’t going to bother them at all.

“The rain at least keeps you a little bit cool when you’re running this long, said second time Fargo Marathoner, Jenn McElroy. “It’s nice to have some of that, but it definitely throws in some challenges that you might not face but that’s why we train.”

For some, the rain doesn’t even compare to the training they had to do for the race.

“We run all through the winter, so we’ve run in -30 windchill,” said second time Fargo Marathoner, Owen McElroy. “This is nothing.”

While the McElroy’s say their training has prepared them for yet another 26.2 mile race, it doesn’t mean they don’t get a little pre–race jitters.

“The only thing I might be worried about is my shoes getting wet and then maybe getting blisters on my feet, but it will keep you cool I guess so it shouldn’t be too bad,” added Owen.

The race begins at the Fargo dome and stretches around the Fargo area, crossing into Moorhead for a brief distance, and then finishing back at the Fargo dome.

Runners either ran the marathon, half marathon or 10k.

Depending on the runner’s age and time, they can qualify for the Boston Marathon for April 2020.

With such a big feat to overcome, more than 50 bands and DJs lined the course to help runners stay motivated and keep going a little faster.

Aid stations were also spread throughout the race to give runners the fuel they needed to keep going that extra mile.

Runners say the rain isn’t ideal, but the bigger obstacle is completing the 26.2 miles that they have to run.

More than 18,000 people participated in the Fargo Marathon’s week–long races.

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