Fargo-Moorhead Remembers Veterans Who Never Returned Home After the War

West Fargo, Dilworth and Harwood also held ceremonies this Memorial Day

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo–Moorhead is remembering all those who have died while serving our country.

A soldier may put on their uniform and head into combat.

“Well it’s nerve wracking. You’re always worried about who’s going to be next. Is it you,” said Joe Wallevand, who served in Vietnam.

But they aren’t the only ones feeling the stress of a war.

“The biggest thing was when I got back. Walking down the concourse in Minneapolis, was to see my parents. In that year I had been gone, they had aged ten years,” Wallevand said.

Some of those who fought the United States’ battles in Vietnam certainly felt the brunt of it though. Ed Ahonen served in the Vietnam War from 1969 to 1971.

For him, adjusting to life after the war meant a lot of time and therapy.

“We needed to proceed, I did, down that path to make an adjustment to hear the ‘welcome home’ later. It’s very reassuring that the young people, and I’m sure a lot of them will continue remembering, it’s a big plus in my opinion,” Ahonen said.

All generations came to remember all those who served at the Fargo Air Museum and the National Guard Armory in Moorhead. Both played songs and set up a chair or table to honor prisoners of war and those still missing in action. The emotions still run high for many veterans.

“I think about all of those people, especially the Vietnam veterans. There were 58,000 of them that didn’t come home. A lot of people gave their lives just so that we could be free,” said Les Forman, who served in Vietnam.

Whether it’s any of America’s wars past or present, that is one message all veterans hope the rest of us will carry more than just on Memorial Day.

“Enjoy the day and remember the brothers and sisters who made it possible to enjoy that day,” Ahonen said.

“Freedom is not free. Simple,” Wallevand said.

That’s why we continue to thank all those still with us and especially the ones we carry with us in spirit.

West Fargo, Dilworth and Harwood also had Memorial Day ceremonies to honor fallen veterans.

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