LIVE: Traveling Equine Vet

Would you rather hoof it to the vet? Or let her come to you?

A Sheldon, North Dakota veterinarian is doing what she can to mitigate the shortage of equine vets in our region by taking her clinic on the road.

Veterinarian Dr. Charley Stansbery started her mobile equine clinics earlier this spring, bringing the vet clinic to the horse, rather than the other way around.

They’ve been so popular in the region, the clinics are already generating a waiting list.

Stansbery and her miniature horse Della stopped by the KVRR Morning Show with Emily Welker to talk about equine care.

Unlike Della, who handled her road trip from Sheldon with ease, not all horses trailer well, said Stansbery.

Even if you do have a cooperative equine, their size can make them tough to transport.

Taking more than one horse on the road for vet care at a time can also be difficult for owners.

Then there’s the length of the travel time they’re facing.

The small number of vets who handle horses, mules, ponies and other equines in the Red River Valley can mean owners are facing an hour’s drive or more each way.

“It just makes sense. Spending the day out on the road, go to where they feel comfortable,” Stansbery said.

For more information on upcoming traveling clinics, check out the link to Red Barn Veterinary Services, here.

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