The Competition is Heating Up at RibFest 2019

The 24th annual RibFest is back and ready to fill the stomachs of about 50,000 hungry people over the four day event

FARGO, N.D.– RibFest is here and cooks from across the country are looking to smoke the competition.

The 24th annual RibFest is back and ready to fill the stomachs of about 50,000 hungry people over the four day event.

“Those ovens do not shut off until we leave this event on Saturday night,” says owner of Blazin’ Bronco BBQ, Dennis Carrino.

Seven national vendors are bringing their A–game and competing for the Critic’s Choice Award and cash prizes.

“They’re willing to come to Fargo, North Dakota, but the fans in Fargo have favorites, they have made a lot of friendships in Fargo and they like it and they do a great job so we keep having them back,” said the general manager for the Fargodome, Rob Sobolik.

The vendors say every year the competition heats up.

“It’s hard to compete against professionals. If that’s all you do in life, is that you barbecue, then you have got to be really good,” added Carrino.

Everyone enjoys RibFest for more than just the food.

Some have been a part of the RibFest family for years.

“As far as the cookers, they do a great job. We’ve had several of them, Desperado’s, Johnson’s, Cowboys; I believe they have been here since the beginning in 1996. And the other four have been here a very long time as well. They do great work,” added Sobolik.

Some vendors are here to win, and others come for the crowd.

“Anytime you win is great, but the best thing we have here is the line. The people keep coming back, so that means I’m doing something right,” says owner of Rasta Joe’s BBQ, Joe Alexander.

And for the people who show up, it’s about good food, good music and a good time.

“My favorite part of RibFest has to be the food, obviously the ribs,” says 3rd time RibFest goer and rib lover, Ean Deno. “But just a good atmosphere, lots of people around and just seeing the community out and about.”

RibFest isn’t the only one of its kind, but it’s the favorite for some of the owners.

“Now the other rib cook–offs, they’re good, but this is great,” added Carrino.

RibFest is open 11 am to 11 pm through Saturday June 8.

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