Arrests Made in Deadly Fargo Shooting

Authorities say the man was taken to a nearby hospital where he died

UPDATE: Two men have been arrested on murder charges in the death of a Fargo man.

19-year-old Kareem Byrd and 30-year-old Charles Harris the third, both of Fargo, were taken into custody in the murder of 38-year-old Jason Halvorson.

FARGO, N.D.– “I can’t get that image out of my face seeing that man lay there like that,” Shooting bystander Tim Jones said.

Jones was out walking his dog around 1 Friday morning by the corner of 4th Street and 6th Avenue North near downtown Fargo.

He had a funny feeling about two men who were walking nearby.

“When I saw them watching me and I looked back at my dog and I heard pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,” Jones said. “I saw my neighbor who was running and he fell face down and was like help me, help me.”

Jones called 911 and ran back to the victim until Fargo police arrived.

Authorities say the man was taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jones said. “I could not believe it because I’m from Alabama and down there crime runs rampant and I moved up here to get away from it and not in a million years did I see something like that up here.”

Officers had the area of Sahr’s Sudden Service blocked off most of the morning.

Evidence markers were placed near the Texas BBQ food truck in the parking lot.

A silver truck was towed from the scene.

Jones says he doesn’t know the victim personally but knows him to be a hard worker.

“People out here work hard,” Jones said. “It’s hard out here and people work hard for what they got. He didn’t bother anybody and he didn’t deserve that either. He didn’t deserve that.”

Fargo Police say several people of interest are being detained.

The state’s attorney was also on the scene Friday morning.

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