Public Works Officials Warn People of the Dangers of Swimming in Standing Water

many people will swim in the water at NP Park in Fergus Falls

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — In addition to cleaning up after the storm, many people will frequently start swimming in the flood waters, and they shouldn’t.

While they may look cool and refreshing, the water that builds up in places like NP Park may actually be filled with contaminants.

Fergus Falls Public Works director Len Taylor says that includes animal waste, oil from the roads and other infectious agents.

Taylor says that can especially be a bad idea if you have any open cuts or wounds.

“It’s designed to hold storm water in an event like this and it’s a popular thing. People will go in there, some of them are looking for nightcrawlers when the water is gone. Some are just playing around in the water as it’s knee to waste high. There’s all that in there,” said Len Taylor, Fergus Falls Public Works director.

The CDC says swiftly moving shallow flood  wate r can be dangerous and even deadly.

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