Woman Shares Her Story of Losing 150 Pounds

FARGO, N.D. – A local woman is hoping to show anyone can make a positive change in their life if they are dedicated.

Amy Kester has lost more than 150 pounds since April 2018.

She did it through Profile by Sanford. Kester has worked with a coach to develop a diet plan to help lose more than half her body weight.

She wants to show people a big change is possible.

“It’s easy in that you go to your meeting and you get your plan set and you’re mapped out for the day. You know what you’re gonna be having for your breakfast, lunch, supper and then your snacks in between. So as long as you follow that it is pretty easy,” Kester explained.

“The timing may be different or the mindset change needs to be there, but everyone is certainly capable,” Profile By Sanford Coach Kjersti Maday said.

Amy says she’s grown closer with her family during her transformation, has greater self-worth and feels more confident in social settings.

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