Metro Pays Homage to Pets at Creatively Uncorked

the studio puts on the class once a month


WEST FARGO, N.D. — It’s the perfect opportunity to tap into your creative side while also paying homage to one of the most–beloved members of the family.

Creatively Uncorked in West Fargo hosts “Paint Your Pet” one Sunday a month.

Whether you have been an artist all your life or have never even picked up a paint brush, artists at the studio say everyone can have fun showing off their pet on canvas.

They also say it’s very common for everyone in the three–hour class to bond over the love they have for their furry friends.

“Everyone goes around and talks to each other, talks about their pet and what their name is. I like hearing stories about that, even looking at their pictures on their phones are so cute. It’s really fun,” said Madison Salander, an artist at Creatively Uncorked.

Creatively Uncorked started “Paint Your Pet” about two years ago.

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