Minnesota left lane slowpoke takes effect

MINNESOTA – Slow and steady may win a race, but if you’re caught going slow in the left lane, get out of the way.

Minnesota’s new law regarding slowpokes in the passing lane is now in effect.

Drivers who are caught blocking up traffic in the fast lane could get a $50 fine.

The point of the law is to help cut down on traffic and make the roads safer for drivers.

The law also makes it easier for first responders who often use the left lane to get to emergencies.

“We don’t want anyone camping in that left lane bottlenecking traffic. It causes issues, road rage you name it so I think it really simplifies everything,” Minnesota State Patrol Sgt. Jesse Grabow said.

Sgt. Grabow also says the best way to make sure you’re following the new law is to use common sense driving skills.

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