Man Arrested on Murder, Arson Charges Speaks Out

He says he was at a friend's house when the fire happened

FARGO, N.D. — 44–year–old Sheldon Davis was arrested on charges of murder and arson the day the body of 52–year–old Denise Anderson was found in an apartment on 12th Street North.

Police say there were traumatic injuries on her that weren’t from the fire.

“The only thing I can say is I wasn’t there,” Davis said.

When asked if he knew who did it, he responded: “I do not know. There’s been past boyfriends that she’s had restraining orders on and things like that there.”

Davis says he met Anderson about eight months ago, and lately their relationship had been on and off.

He says he was at a friend’s house when the fire happened.

Davis says the friend who said he confessed to the murder is lying, and he didn’t know anything until the police told him.

“They tell me there was a fire in the house, then they tell me Denise is dead. It was kind of shocking, the whole thing. Not kind of, really shocking. In fact I’m still not over it. I still can’t believe that she’s gone,” Davis said.

When asked if there’s anything he’d say to her family…

“I’m sorry they have to go through this. I’ve spent time back there with my emotional state, and trying to stay calm and cool and keep my thought process clear, because right now my head’s been spinning ever since this has happened. I went through different stages of emotions here. I’m sure they feel like I’m the guilty one. But that’s not the case. I can sit here and apologize, but I don’t think it’s going to make a difference to them,” he said.

When asked if he can confidently say he’s innocent, he said: “Yes. Confidently say that.”

The case is still under investigation. Davis is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday.

Davis pled guilty to a terrorizing charge in 2013. He’s also been convicted for violent crimes in South Carolina and Georgia between 1999 and 2009.

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