Mango Isn't Your Typical Parrot


Meet Mango in this week’s Pet Connection.

Mango is a 10-year-old Eclectus Parrot from our friends at C.A.A.R.E.

Eclectus Parrots are not your typical birds.

They are one of the few bird species that have different looks for males and females.

Female Eclectus Parrots have red and purple feathers.

They have very specific dietary needs.

For that reason, most parrots like him won’t live much past the age of 25 in captivity.

But you can still have plenty of great years with him.

He has a very distinct personality and is very vocal.

He’ll let you know when it’s time to play and when he through.

He does prefer women but has warmed up to men recently.

Mango needs an experienced bird owner to care for him.

If you can give Mango a new home, contact C.A.A.R.E. by clicking here.

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