MSUM Freshmen Start New Chapter at Move-In Day

There were a lot of mixed emotions for both students and parents

MOORHEAD, Minn. — It’s that time of year again: a new class of freshmen is joining the Dragon Family at MSUM.

Hundreds of students loaded things into carts and lugged them up to their dorm rooms, and in the midst of it all was university president Anne Blackhurst.

“When you’re a university president, the best day of the year is the commencement, but the second best day of the year is the day when all of our new students move in. They’re excited, they’re optimistic, and there’s just a lot of great energy and so I love participating,” she said.

Students say they’re excited to meet new people and to learn, but it’s a lot of mixed emotions.

“I’m nervous but also excited at the same time,” Adam Beagle said.

He says move in hasn’t been too stressful for him but, “I think it’s stressing my mom out the most. It’s her first kid going off so I guess that’s normal.”

Whether it’s the first child going off or it’s an empty nest at home now…

“Mixed emotions, I’m really proud of [my son Garrett] for getting where he’s at but a little choked up too,” mother Denise Harinen said.

… Blackhurst said she wants everyone know that the Dragon family is designed to help all students succeed.

“Go to class is always my first line of advice. But also get everything you can out of your college experience. It goes faster than you can imagine. the more you invest in it, the more you’ll get out of it,” she said.

Freshmen have a full weekend of activities, including a campus welcome and tours.

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