LIVE: Urgent Need For School-Based Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Group Needs Around 50 People To Mentor Kids In Schools


You can change the life of a kid in our area in just one hour a week.

And they need you now more than ever.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters is looking for School–based Bigs, like Erika and Cora, who are pictured.

School–based Bigs visit with kids for an hour each week during their lunch hour.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters needs about 50 new Bigs now that the school year has started.

The group says kids with mentors have more confidence, avoid risky behavior and often have better success in school.

Program Director Susan Smith says the school-based program, “sometimes supplies a little bit more structure for the individuals that might have families at home and not able to take away from that. Who doesn’t have a lunch hour and can’t spend an hour a week over their lunch hour with a child at school?”

People who are approved can be matched with a kid in just a couple weeks after signing up.
You can find out more at

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