LIVE: Making Life Easier For Farmers Selling And Buying Equipment

Big Iron Auctions Expanding Into Region


Our farmers have been dealing with a hard year: trade war troubles, bad weather.

Now a new business is in the region ready to make life a little easier for producers.

Big Iron Auctions, not to be confused with the Big Iron Farm Show, is a Nebraska-based company that recently expanded to North Dakota and Western Minnesota.

They do online farm equipment auctions.

The company’s regional manager says they moved into our region because ag is the top industry.

They say the main appeal is the convenience for farmers looking to offload equipment.

District Manager Eric Cannon says, “All we ask is for the equipment to be cleaned and staged. From there we’re going to take the pictures. We’re going to do all the leg work. All we ask the farmers to do is answers the many calls they’re gonna get from potential buyers.”

Click here to find more information about Big Iron Auctions.

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