Top End Dragways Drifts Into Competition With Adrenaline

The drifting track was added to the racecourse last year


GLYNDON, Minn. — Glyndon’s Top End Dragways is drifting into September with plenty of adrenaline.

The track’s drifting coordinator says it’s like figure skating with cars.

Drifting is becoming one of the fastest growing motorsports in the country.

Nearly 30 drivers raced on the track this weekend.

“It’s easy to get into drifting. Your car doesn’t have to be very expensive at all, rear wheel drive, manual transmission and you can start drifting. It’s all about style, it’s a little bit about speed. But it’s just like any other motorsport, drag racing, dirt track racing, it’s that adrenaline rush and that constant need to improve,” said Ethan Seigel, a drifting

Top End Dragways built the drifting track last year.

Seigel says driver should only drift at a designated track.

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