American Red Cross Dakotas Region CEO to Retire

FARGO, N.D. – The CEO for the Dakotas Region of the American Red Cross is retiring.

Lynn Speral has been a major part of local Red Cross operations since she joined the organization in 2012. She served as the Regional Chief Development Officer when she was first hired and was promoted to Regional CEO in 2016.

Speral’s retirement is effective November 1.

“I’m excited for the next generation we are in good hands so things are going to be just fine. Things were very well at the Red Cross before I came and they’ll be great when I go. And so to be able to be a part of this for a very short time and to be able to be a little part of the success going forward is wonderful,” Speral explained.

Abbie Peterson, who currently serves as the Chief Development Officer for the Dakotas Region, has been named interim CEO.

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