Fargo City Commissioners Spar Over Special Assessment Policy

The city commission will make the final decision on any changes

FARGO, N.D. — By a 3 to 2 vote, Fargo City Commissioners agreed to have city staff evaluate and come up with a revised draft for a new city special assessment policy.

The roll call vote came after some heated discussion.

“I have had people pose questions, ‘is what you do this way perfectly legal?’, said Fargo City Commissioner John Strand.

“And before I vote on those things I would like to know my questions and those questions are answered.”

Commissioner Tony Grindberg said, “This isn’t saying this is the new plan, this is saying staff go to work on this and come back periodically on how this is going to fit and what are the ramifications.”

“We should not insult the people of Fargo by pushing these suggestions forward,” said Commissioner Tony Gehrig.

Dave Piekpork, City Commissioner and Deputy Mayor said, “In the attendance for the Special Assessment Task Force, Commissioner Gehrig wasn’t even there. So.”

“Where was I? Deployed to the military,” said Gehrig.

“Well I’m just saying,” said Piepkorn.

“Sorry, Dave. Sorry about that,” said Gehrig.

“No, it’s just ironic that you seem to be very upset about it but then you’re not at the meetings,” Piepkorn responded.

Gehrig serves with the North Dakota Air National Guard.

He along with John Strand voted against moving ahead with the recommendations.

The task force was organized a year ago to examine ways to come up with a fix for the rising cost of special assessments after property owners complained about the high tax bills.

Gehrig said the proposals do little to change the current policy.

The city commission will make the final decision on any changes.

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