LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Jensen

A lowrider of a dog who will lift your spirits high.

If you like the way pitties look, you will love Jensen, from the tip of his broad black nose to the end of his tail a long, long way behind.

He’s got the classic wide pit bull face, short legs and a broad chest and shoulders that look like he could bench 440.

The long, low-slung dog is almost broader than he is tall, and has a beautiful, shiny gray coat to top it off.

Best of all, his personality is every bit as beautiful.

Jensen came into the 4 Luv of Dog rescue a year ago as a stray, and was adopted.

Unfortunately, his owner’s life circumstances changed dramatically, and Jensen came back to the shelter.

In spite of his hard luck, though, Jensen’s keeping his chin (and jowls) up.

He’s still very affectionate with humans, loves to be active but also enjoys a nice long snuggle on the couch.

He’s so loving, in fact, he needs to be the only animal love in your life, preferring a home without other pets.

If this handsome young gentleman with a run of hard luck is the dog for you, check out the application process, here.

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