LIVE: Halloween Fashion Show

The newest trends in costumes for you, your family and your friends.

We’ve all been there.

Masks that don’t quite fit, wigs that itch, wings that bash against everything you walk by, even costumes that leave you with a scary Halloween chill and a shivery breeze right where you’d really rather be covered instead.

Dressing up in costume is a big part of Halloween, and getting the right costume together can make or break your Halloween experience.

With the help of the folks at Halloween Express in the Fargo metro, we got together some of the most popular looks trending for Halloween 2019.

First, we tapped our newsroom talent to show us some colorful and fun costumes for a ladies’ night out on the town — perfect for the young professionals and adult women of the Red River Valley region, as well as the many college students in the area.

Then, we had a family costume group that covers all age levels from grownups to tweens to toddlers and tiny babies.

And finally, we had a personal surprise at the end of the show — a guest appearance from Morning Show¬† anchor Emily Welker’s three-year-old daughter, in another trending costume.

Check it out for some great ideas on costumes that can keep you warm, keep you coordinated, and keep you looking great for this year’s Halloween fun.

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